"I forgot something important again didn't I?"



Descriptor: Mutant
Noun: Glaive
Verb: Defends the Weak

Might: 20 (11 base + 5 Mutation + 4 distributed) [Edge 1]
Speed: 15 (10 base + 5 mutation) [Edge 1]
Intellect: 9 (7 base + 2 distributed) [ Edge 0]

Distinctive Mutations:
Eyes on Stalks: Asset on Initiative and Perception tasks
Extra Legs: Asset on Running, Keeping on Feet, Standing Ground
Wings: Bio-mechanical, Allows me to glide but not fly
Carapace: +2 Armor

Beneficial Mutations:
Processor Dreams: Asset on an Intellect roll if I “sleep on it”
Acid Resistance: +5 Armor vs Acid
Acid Resistance: Another +5 Armor vs Acid ( I drink it like water!)
Strengthened Bones: +5 Might Pool
Improved Nervous System: +5 Speed Pool

Harmful Mutations:
Malformed Brain: Intelligence rolls dealing with memory are 1 step harder.

Skills / Abilities
Effort: 1
Can bear 2 Cyphers at a time
Practiced in Armor (-2 Might Cost and Speed Pool reduction)
Practiced With All Weapons (Can use any weapon)
Trained in Climbing ( I have to be able to glide from high places)
Trained in Intellect Defense tasks and Initiative tasks
Warding Shield: +1 Armor while wielding a shield

[Fleet of Foot] Succeed a Difficulty 2 Speed task to move a short distance AND take an action in the same round.


For all intents and purposes, Cortex is from the ancient city-machine called Nihliesh. The cold of the desert surrounding Nihliesh is his earliest and clearest memory, but he can not remember anything concerning a home or family. When the rare person inquires Cortex about his origins, he responds with “Probably Nihliesh.”

Mutants are revered in the city of Nihliesh to the point where humans intentionally live in the dangerously polluted sub-levels in hopes of imparting deformities to themselves or their children. Being the only sizable population center in the massive Matheunis desert, many traders and caravans frequent the city providing a constant influx of people, merchandise, stories, etc. Cortex is both accustomed to the admiration of un-mutated Nihliesh humans and the disgust of those from outside the city.

Officially, Cortex was a bodyguard for one of Fahat, or ruling mutant class. From the stories and information he acquired from the occasional visitor, humans with mutations were often shunned or even hunted down like Abhumans in other parts of the land. Cortex decided to strive towards alleviating the general mistrust and fear between human, mutant, and visitant alike.

It is not uncommon for Cortex to climb one of the many spires and use his wings to glide about the city and watch for any situations in which he could be of help. However, some people don’t take kindly to massive, multi-legged mutant crashing down next to them (often breaking something in the process).

Cortex is astoundingly resistant to acid. Even the most knowledgeable of the Fahat researchers were amazed at his ability to ingest and metabolize the same acid that could (and would) eat through an entire layer of the city floor.

Cortex’s memory related issues often cause minor inconveniences for himself and those around him. Sometimes it’s letting the fire die out during the night, the name of the town he was planning to visit next, or even sometimes forgetting why the guards of a renowned “mutant-free” city have him at sword-point.

While in Nihliesh, Cortex sought out any information that explained or could help alleviate his memory problems. Many simply believed a portion of his brain dealing with either storing or recalling memories was damaged or underdeveloped. Some even suggested it was a side-effect of his brain’s ability to process important information while he slept.

Cortex knows he forgets things, but can usually remember them after while. He knows he has entirely forgotten important details about his past. Cortex is afraid one day he will forget everything and become a mindless beast wandering the wilderness somewhere. This is a large part of his mission to help and protect others; hopefully they will remember him even if he forgets himself one day.


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