Kestryl Stryngthry, Journeymen Technomage

Mystic Nano who Fuses Mind With Machine (FMWM)


Tall quiet man who is curious about the world and its workings. Happy to lend a hand at whatever task is at hand. He seems part bard and part monk. He tends to work a few odd jobs with various people to make his way. He chooses to live a spartan life so that he can research and understand the world around him.
Around town one might find him in linen trousers and shirt with a vest. In winter or bad weather you will see him in his leather traveling gear of well-worn boots, pants and a long coat with a hood.


Stryngthry is a member of a cult who broke with the Amber Priests generations ago sighting the Amber Priest’s impurity of science. They went into hiding to focus on achieving a deep understanding of the world they lived in. To do this it became clear that they needed to meld their intellect with raw computational capacity of devices.
They train Initiates in science and how to focus the mind. When the initiates reach a particular skill level they augmented with implants to accelerate their minds. At some point after the meld process Initiates attain Journeymen status and must journey the world on Walkabout. They must journey the world to gain knowledge and skill in handing their implants.
To protect their order the journeymen do not know where the monastic libraries are. At some point when they can achieve sufficient mastery of their implants, they are able to call to a cult holding (Datashere Tier 2). Most continue to explore the world sending information back to the Technomagi until they are called home to a monastic library to maintain the order or choose to take refuge at one of the hidden holdings.
While there is no love lost between the Amber Priests and the Techomages neither see value in conflict. Most people view Technomages as explorers, auditors, teachers, or bookkeepers. A Technomage’s jouney in the world may be as simple as living in a town for years, while others are driven to wonder. Each Mage provides information to the whole once they can connect.
Some Technomages are known to have holographic emitters implanted in them to allow them to share their conceptualization of knowledge. These emitters are only of primary colors in reds, blues and greens sufficient to explain or teach but not for entertainment purposes. (I plan to buy this with XP ASAP).
I need to read the stats system to get a feel for how lay out my 6 points.
Might 7
Speed 9
Intelligence 18 Edge 1
Effort 1
You have 6 more points to put into Might, Speed, and Intelligence. Your Int is currently base + Mystic + FMWM =(12+2+4=18)
You can use light weapons without penalty, but medium you increase difficulty by 1 and heavy by 2 steps.
Esoteries: Choose 2 from below
I know I want ward but I am unsure of the other.
Onslaught (1 Int Point) You attack a foe using energies that assail either his physical form or his mind. In either case, you must be able to see your target. If the attack is physical, you emit a short-range ray of force that inflicts 4 points of damage. If the attack is mental, you focus your mental energy to blast the thought processes of another creature within short range. This mindslice inflicts 2 points of Intellect damage (and thus ignores Armor). Some creatures without minds (such as automatons) might be immune to mindslice. Action.

Push (2 Int Point) You push a creature or object an immediate distance in any direction you wish. You must be able to see the target, which must be your size or smaller, must not be affixed to anything, and must be within short range. The push is quick, and the force is too crude to be manipulated. For example, you can’t use this esotery to pull a lever or even close a door. Action.

Scan (2 Int Point) You scan an area equal in size to a 10-foot (3-meter) cube, including all objects or creatures within that area. The area must be within short range. Scanning a creature or object always reveals its level (a measure of how powerful, dangerous, or difficult it is). You also learn whatever facts the GM feels are pertinent about the matter and energy in that area. For example, you might learn that the wooden box contains a device of metal and synth. You might learn that the glass cylinder is full of poisonous gas, and that its metal stand has an electrical field running through it that connects to a metal mesh in the floor. You might learn that the creature standing before you is a mammal with a small brain. However, this esotery doesn’t tell you what the information means. Thus, in the first example, you don’t know what the metal and synth device does. In the second, you don’t know if stepping on the floor causes the cylinder to release the gas. In the third, you might suspect that the creature is not very intelligent, but scans, like looks, can be deceiving. Many materials and energy fields prevent or resist scanning. Action.

  • Ward You have a shield of energy around you at all times that helps deflect attacks. You gain +1 to Armor. Enabler.

Hedge Magic (1 Int Pont) – Already have from Mystic.

Know and Identify Numenera (x2) – Would this then be Specialized? (Base + Mystic)

Gear – Book on the Numenera

MysticStarting Adventure: (Descriptor)
From the following list of options, choose how you became involved in the first adventure.
3. You believed the mission would be a great way to learn more about the numenera.

Fuses Mind and Machine: (Foci)
- Equipment: You have an artifact that protects your implants and enhancements from disruption or intrusion. The difficulty of resisting such attacks is decreased by one step.
- Minor Effect Suggestion: You foresee your foes’ moves so well that the difficulty of Speed defense rolls for the next round is decreased by one step.
- Major Effect Suggestion: Processing surge! On your next action, you can use points from your Intellect Pool rather than your Might or Speed Pools
- Connection: Choose one of the following.
1. Pick one other PC. This character knows a few things that can help when your implants and enhancements malfunction.
Lyndarell is a good friend who has helped Stryngthry adjust to the area and fixed a few glitches as the implants have “adjusted” to new stimuli or activated unexpectedly.
- Tiers
1. 4 Int Points E
2. Datasphere (4 Int Points): Ask GM 1 question and get a short answer A
3. Action Processor (4 Int Points): Trained in 1 physical task of choice for 10 minutes.
4. 2 Int Points to pool and 1 Int Edge pool E AND Trained in an area of knowledge of choice E
5. See the Future (6 Int Points) for the next few minutes:
 10 minutes difficulty of all defense rolls reduced by 1 step
 “Danger Sense” for next 10 minutes you can predict the actions of those around you. Trained in seeing through deception and attempts to betray you, as well as avoiding traps and ambushes.
 You know what people are probably thinking and what they will say before they say it. Trained in all skills involving interaction and deception.
6. Reboot: At any time between 10 hour rests you can recover 1d6+6 points to Int pool. A and Enhancement: Any time you use Effort on Int action, add one of the following enhancements to the action (your choice) E
 +2 to the roll
 +2 to damage
 Automatic minor effect

Bed Roll, Knife, 1 Shin

If the GM is kind minimal stuff not listed but wanted: Pot, Canteen, 8×12 Tarp, small bag of rice, small bag of beans, some dried garlic.

Kestryl Stryngthry, Journeymen Technomage

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