Day 1

You find yourself in the town of Husker, a small settlement occupying ruins on the border of The Black Riage and the Ba-Adenu Forest. Only a small portion of the ruins are actually inhabited by the human village. Most of the ruins have been scavenged long before the Huskers arrived.

A few generations ago, the people who would become the Huskers left the Steadfast and moved to The Beyond for a variety of reasons, some were pioneers, some to avoid taxes or other ‘oppressions’, and some just for the sake of seeing what was on the other side of the mountains. Upon finding some habitable ruins, the Huskers settled in and began taming a bit of the wilderness to begin their new life. Today there are approximately 300 people living in Husker.

When the first generation Huskers made the trek, they brought only what they could carry and their knowledge. Today the Huskers eke out a meager living with subsistence farming, herds of domesticated animals, hunting, fishing and gathering. There is a blacksmith shop, market, and a herbalist. Most people provide for themselves or their families, and the market gathers on Sunday for villagers to swap supplies. Barter for goods and labor is as good as shins for currency in Husker.

Government is an elected mayor and the town sheriff. The town can form a militia with a few crude weapons and repurposed farm equipment when there is a threat to Husker. To date the most serious threats have been from infrequent raids of abhumans who are out to steal more than murder.

Typical Huskers

Husker Militia


A Husky (Town named after these creatures.)

For my adventurers:
Where are you from? If from The Steadfast, you can read about your country in the core book. Feel free to make up a small town in The Steadfast if you feel the need. If from The Beyond use something in the book or make up a place. Your choice.
Why are you here?

Please post your answers in the forums.

Day 1

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