Day 3

As dawn broke over Husker, the heroes delegated 9 Huskers to venture into the forest to gather herbs. Cortex remained behind in town, too debilitated from sickness to join the heroes. The heroes themselves went to recover some high grade moonshine from Willie to help the town healer so she could prepare enough antidote for the town and get Cortex back on his many feet.
After Hype tracked Willie to his stash, the group met a strange loner living in the parking lot who had been observing town for some time. This loner was named Akara and agreed to join the party and help the Huskers.

After climbing down an old abandoned elevator shaft the heroes discovered the lair of some Steel Spiders.

Bob the townsman valiantly gave his life in helping the heroes to find Willie’s stash but his brother Frank persevered through the adventure and made it back safely to town.

Upon finding Willie’s stash in an old underground space,
the heroes found Willie steadily destroying his ’shine, although he appeared deranged and sick.

Kestryl almost succumbed to Willie’s axe (with a bit of help from Hype and Akara), but in the end was able to manipulate the numenera to save the whiskey stash from fire and Willie’s Axe.

Tondrek, unwilling to enter combat with Willie, (probably because he was looking for something unusual to eat) noticed a mysterious watcher, who observed the entire sequence and disappeared by squeezing through a crack in the wall moments after Willie went down.

After securing the stash, the heroes returned 100gallons of whiskey to Husker and stashed another 800 gallons somewhere in the ruins of Husker. While hiding their stash, Hype noticed an unusual set of discarded legs, left over from some prior wonder which he salvaged in hopes of getting his Hype Wagon a bit more freaky and mobile.

Upon reentering the settlement, our heroes found out that plenty of herbs had been gathered, but that only 7 of the 9 Huskers made it back safely. After the party described the mysterious watcher to the settlers, many settlers believe that was the same mysterious “peeping tom” many of them had noticed previously.

Kestryl believes Stage 4 of the infection results in humans turning into one of these strange watchers.

Day 3

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