Hype Taylor, Master of Freaks

Empathic Jack that Leads


Hype Taylor, Master of Freaks


Middle Aged Human that makes a living gathering together freaks, human oddities, and deviant artisans into a traveling freak show.



“Just lost the whole Traveling Freak Show!”
“I guess my charm wore off….”
“Dang fire breather! Jasz Vegas, you really burned my business to the ground!”

“Have to start from scratch and get an entire new Show together”
“this time, Ill make it the Greatest Freak Show on Ninth World!”

“Looks like I will have to leave the comforts of the Wandering Wastes (nomadic trails that connect small towns in the Beyond) and head for the Steadfast”


first Stop, Husker! What kind of freaks will I find there?”

While in Husker Hype Taylor stumbled across some broken work wagons, abandoned homes, a lot of paint and assembled the Hype Wagon! The rolling foundation for the new Freak Show.

After spending 15 days in the wilderness Hype was able to master the skill of Animal Handling and Tame a few Huskers. Currently 2 Huskers pull the Hype Wagon!


Hype was also able to befriend Belinda the Blind and learned that she was born a freak! She is not blind, she just wears a blindfold to shield her eyes from seeing the Auras around living creatures. She was not able to understand these auras and shielded her mind by wearing a blind fold. Hype was able to help her understand her freakish eyesight and now she can see things that no one else can! She is truly a side show freak.

Hype Taylor, Master of Freaks

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