Lyndarell Amelia Rategiano

Lyndarell Amelia Rategiano is an intelligent jack that crafts unique objects.


Might: 12
Speed: 13 Edge 1
Intellect: 16 Edge 1
Effort: 1


  • Leather Jerkin 1 (Might cost 0, Speed cost 0)


  • Quarterstaff (medium) 4
  • Dart Thrower (distance) light 2
  • Blow Gun (close) light 2


  • Trained in repair
  • Flex Skill (I can concentrate on one skill per day and be trained in it for the day)
  • Trained in Crafting Glass
  • Trained in Crafting Weapons
  • Trained in Knowledge:(weaponry)


  • Practiced in Armor (reduce Might and Speed pool reduction by 2 each)
  • Pierce (1 additional damage to sharp pointed ranged attacks)


  • Trained in all actions that involve remembering or memorizing things you experience directly.

Artifacts: None at this time



  • A mesh teabag shaped like a star that can be used over and over and never seems to get used up
  • A human-faced insect trapped in a piece of amberBugInAmber.jpg

Equipment as above, plus:

  • Clothing, regular
  • Explore’s Pack (backpack containing 50ft rope, 3 days rations, 3 spikes, hammer, warm clothes, sturdy boots, 3 torches, and 2 minor glowglobes)
  • Bag of Light Tools (Contains small tongs, pliers, screwdriver, small hammer, small pry bar, lockpicks, 10 feet (3 m) of string, 3 feet (.09 m) of wire, and miscellaneous screws and nails.)
  • Bag of Heavy Tools (Contains hammer, six spikes, crowbar, large tongs, chisel, and 10 feet (3 m) of light (but strong) metal cable.)
  • Bedroll
  • Pouch
  • 5 Shins

Permanent purchase items:

  • Portable Forge (1d20)
  • GPS

Minor Affects: Any rolls you make regarding that artifact gain a +1 bonus for 28 hours.
Major Affects: Any rolls you make regarding that artifact gain a +2 bonus for 28 hours.


003-conceptual-illustrations-ioan-dumitrescu.jpgLyndarell is from Charmonde and learned her crafting skills there, but city life is not for her. Her family is very well off, but not well respected as the wealth was inherited from a distant kinsman rather than earned by her branch of the family. She desires to wander and learn more about the world, living on her own merits and skills. If she could determine how to recharge her home’s protection field, the four mighty towers, she might be able to gain more standing for herself and her family and be willing to return home.

She has traveled far from her home over the years, down the Jerribost and Tithe Rivers to pay homage at the Amber Monolith, south through and over the Dark Hills into Draolis, and south through Malevich and the Pytharon Empire to the edge of Matheunis, the Cold Desert. 008-conceptual-illustrations-ioan-dumitrescu.jpg After a couple of years traveling with different groups throughout the desert, Lyndarell traveled north once again. This time she headed deeper into the Beyond, north toward the Ba-Adenu Forest. She has recently reached Husker, a small town nestled between the Ba-Adenu Forest and the Black Riage. With the ruins around it, Lyndarell feels there might still be something to find, even if only a further understanding of the land.

During her travels she has found knowledge of how other work glass and the variety of weapons that are crafted across the Steadfast. She has also tried other skills to see what she might be good at. In the process she found that she is good at determining how things work, which is helpful when traveling alone.

At one point she traveled with (David’s Character) for a bit and created a glass case for a strange coin he has.

Lyndarell Amelia Rategiano

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