Tondrek is a Weird Nano who Talks to Machines


Might 10 (Edge: 0)
Speed 10 (Edge: 0)
Intellect 20 (Edge: 2)

Effort 2

Trained in numenera knowledge
Inability at pleasant social interactions
Training in understanding and identifying numenera
Trained in all tasks involving electrical machines

Sense for the Weird: At GM discretion weird things related to numenera or it’s effects call out to Tondrek. Hecan sense them when within long range and if they are dangerous or not
Practiced With Light Weapons
Distant Activation
Machine Interface
Resonance Field
Coaxing Power
Charm Machine
Overload Machine

One weapon
A book about the Numenera
Three cyphers (chosen for Tondrek by the GM)
A metal cube that, when touched, turns to thick liquid for one minute
A bag of small tools
4 shins

Tondrek can bear up to 3 cyphers.

Distinctive Physical Quirk:: Tondrek’s right arm has been replaced with a self-made synth/numenara/random-junk construction that functions as a replacement. Usually.
Relationship with Akara For some reason, the mlox Akara has a terrible relationship with machines Tondrek talks to. When Akara is near a machine Tondrek interacts with in a friendly manner, the machine is one level lower (unless this benfits you or Akara)

Tondrek appears hunched and unkempt—his black hair is greasy and unruly, his green eyes watery and distracted, and he does not look like he takes care of himself. His collection gear, however, is well taken care of—there is no damage or smudges anywhere beyond that expected of scavenged numenara. If asked, Tondrek will lovingly detail their creation or discovery. He wears some ratty clothing that he’s obviously slept in.

Tondrek’s right arm is missing below the elbow; in its place is a complex construction of synth and detritus that terminates in a massive mechanical gauntlet. The gauntlet is as flexible as his old hand was but stronger, and only occasionally leaks fluid.

Age: 22 Gender: Male Height: 5’11" Weight: 190 lbs.


Tondrek constantly mutters to himself, hunching back and forth, and can be found playing with some odd mechanical bit of something in his hands. If addressed he will not look directly at the talker, but answer indirectly. Of most subjects, he is not too very helpful. But when it is something he knows about (mostly numenara), we will drone on without stop. He is generally oblivious to the outside world, unless something catches his fancy. Obviously synth, mechanical, or other numenara oddities always catch his fancy.

Tondrek wants friends of his own, so he’s going to build them. Friendly automata forever and ever. And perhaps turn himself into a machine.



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