Day 2

Underwater Airlock into Dam – 100’ depth

Underwater Cave filled with Medicles – 350’ depth

View of Creature that destroyed the Remote Viewer. Appears slimy, is this natural or is he snotty? Unable to tell.

Information from the first night.
Cortex is infected.
3 Huskers infected.
At least 1 Husky infected.
Many pets infected.
“Peeping Toms” sighted randomly.
Willie has a secret stash of whiskey somewhere.
Mayor got shot – collateral damage.
Somebody moving trees/rocks/junk not in plain sight.
Willie owes 2 gallons of whiskey to the PCs.

We got to watch Cortex roll 2’s on three different d20’s in a row.
We got to see Lyndarell stick a dart in the Mayor.
Tondrek ate a raw fish – whole.

Feel free to add anything you remember here so we can all keep up with what’s going on. If you can’t access this, just make your own adventure log, call it ‘Day 2 – Tondrek’ or something like that .

Day 2

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